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Web Site Tour

Start A Library:Create a library group forexisting category such as books, toys& tools.


My Groups:  Library groups that user is amember.


My Profile:Search groups, friendsand events and edit your preferences &profile.


My Dashboard: Listsall the items you own.


Lend Request: Lists the incoming& outgoinglend requests from friends.


My Subscription:User’smember subscription and payment options.


My Category:Submit a new Library Category for approval.


Contact Us: Website support contact form.


How ToRegister :


DixWix – Register your username & password with an email confirmation.

Check spam folder for email and mark DixWix email address as not spam.

Select a subscription plan after registration.


Google  Facebook & LinkedIn Registrations -  Use existing credentials for new account registration. Check Email Inbox & Spam Folder for confirmation email. Select a subscription plan after registration.


How ToCreate A Group Library:


Register a new library group with Short Description of the Groups Items & Objective.

Long Description:  Add any Library Rules and guidelines for library group members.



How To Join A Library

Register an account & select a membership plan. Confirm account activation email and check spam folder. Add dixwix email address to non-spam folder.


Login to account -> My Profile -> Groups ->{ Search Group  Name} -> Go

Open{Group To Join} ->Click Join Group


Contact Privategroup admin to approve join request.

How ToCreate A New Category


To create a new item category enter details on My Category Menu and submit for approval.

DixWix -> My Category -> Add A New Category


Name of Category : Name of the Item category

Title of Category  : Short Title for the new item category

Short Description : Input a short description of new item category


How to Add Items to Library Group using Amazon Lookup

Items can be added by Amazon site lookup or Manually.

Add Item with Automated Amazon Lookup works with English Language


a.      Search for the item to add on Amazon site. Copy the ASIN, ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 number from Amazon product description.


b.      Login to DixWix and Open Library Group to add item

DixWix -> My Profile -> My Groups -> {Click Library Group}  -> Add Items


c.       Paste -> ISBN-10(13) or AISN# ( Example – 9780xxxxxxxxxxx)

d.      Select - >Site Content Language -> English

e.      Select ->Language -> English

f.        Select -> Category -> Books/Toys/Tools/Other

g.      Fetch Information -> Webservice Amazon.com (Amazon site link of host country)

h.      Description ->  Leave Blank /Enter Short Item Name

i.        Click - > Save


Confirm Added Item on Library Group Page or increase in Item Category Count

How to add Items to Library Group Manually

Add Item with Manually to Library Group if item description is not available on Amazon site.


DixWix -> My Profile -> My Groups -> {Click Library Group}  -> Add Items


a.      Enter -> ISBN-10(13) ->Unique Number/USPSNumber from Item

b.      Select - >Site Content Language -> All/ English

c.       Select -> Language -> English/ Dutch/ Italian …

d.      Select -> Category -> Books or Toys or Tools

e.      Fetch Information -> On Your Own

f.        Description ->  Add Detail Item Description

g.      Title : Add Item Title(Required)

h.      Authors : Add (if Available)

i.        Add Remaining Field Details (if available)

j.        Rating : Select a user rating (if available)

k.       Click - > Save


Confirm Added Item on Library Group Page or Increase in Item Category Count

How to Bulk Scan Itemsusing IOSIPHONE or IPAD

Download Orca Scan – or any bulk bar code scanner from App Store.

Enable settings for bulk code scan.

Scan multiple items (Books, Toys & Tools) & Email List of Bar codes.

Format Excel to display barcode as numbers (EAN13 format).

Add items to Library Group using ISBN Amazon Lookup.

How to Bulk Scan Items using Android Phone

Download zxing or any Bulk Barcode Code Scanner from Play Store.

Enable bulk scanning in settings.

Scan multiple items (Books, Toys & Tools)

Select History &select Send History on Email

Add items to Library Group using ISBN/EAN13 Amazon Lookup.

How to Edit & Delete Items



To Edit Items -> DixWix -> My Dashboard -> Edit -> Update -> Save

To Delete -> DixWix -> My Dashboard -> Select Item ->Delete Item


How to Lend Items:



DixWix -> My Profile -> My Groups -> {Click Library Group} ->Select Book -> Lend Request -> Enter Name & Address -> Select Start & End Dates -> SubmitLend Request


How to Return Items


DixWix ->My Dashboard -> Select Book -> Return Item From Lend


How to Create & Notify Group Events



DixWix -> My Profile -> My Groups -> {Click Library Group} -> Add Item ->

{Say Whats on your Mind} -> Click Event -> Event Title & Description -> Click Event Details -> Select Category -> Select Location & Date & Time -> Select Done -> Confirm Event on Events Tab.


How to Renew Membership Subscription


Expired user subscription would limit menus which are visible on home page. Subscription renewal would restore access to all menu items such as My Profile & My Dashboard.


DixWix -> My Subscription -> Select Subscription-> Pay Now -> Checkout

DixWix -> Pricing -> Select Subscription -> Checkout


How to add &remove group admin


Current Group Administrator can add/remove group administrators.


To add additional group admin select member config icon in Group Members


DixWix -> My Profile -> My Groups -> {Select Library Group Members}


{Select Member Config Icon } ->Set/Remove as Group Admin.



How to Manage Group Settings and Delete Group

Library Group Settings can be edited from the Group Config Icon.

DixWix -> My Profile -> My Groups -> {Select Library Group}


Click Config Icon to Invite Friends, Modify Cover, Post Announcement, Notify Members, Create events or delete group. Group items and members should be cleared before deleting a group.





FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions
Starter Plan: First Library is free for all users.
Community Plan: Best for hosting community library groups with member subscriptions.
Users Toy Group Book Group Community Tools Group Total Monthly Subscription
Patrik $ 2 (3 – 1 Free group)
Amy   $ 1 (2 - 1 Group Free)
Alex     Free (1 Group Free)
Ideal for companies and organizations buying bulk subscriptions for employees to host professional groups using LinkedIn Profile.
Average savings would depend on the number of users per library group, number of items shared and price per item.
Following is a hypothetical calculation of savings for 2 library groups. Actual savings can vary based on individual items price and number of items shared per group.
Groups Total Number of Users Number of Items Per Users Avg Price Per Item Total Value of Group Items
(per Year)
Total Group Membership Cost
(Per Year)
Total Group Savings
(Per Year)
Avg User Saving
(Per Year)
Book Library 15 10 $15* $2250(15 Users X 10 Items X $15 Per Item) $180(15 Users X $1 Per Month X 12 Months ) $2250 - $180 = $2070 $138 Per User / Per Year ($2070 / 15 Users)
Toy Library 20 10 $20* $4000(20 User X 10 Items X $20 Per Item) $240(20 Users X $1 Per Month X 12 Months) $4000 - $240 = $3720 $186 Per User / Per Year($2070 / 15 Users)
*Estimated avg price of book & toy. Share Freely – Live Richly
DixWixpublishes discounts & promotions throughout the year. Please check this section for details
Current Promotions :
For Free Membership subscription use discount code : BetaTest2017314811
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