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About DixWix

DixWix is the private social library platform for friends, neighbors& colleagueswithin your community. It's a fun & easy way to catalog household items you buy every day toshare freelyandlive richly. Each member shares a bit to enrichthe life of everyone asa group.

People are using DixWix to:

·         Add items to their group while waiting at theirlocal stores checkout counter.

·         Start a toy library with gifts received from friends at their children’s birthday party.

·         Organizea weekend party to share a drink and lessons learnt from a book they borrowed.

·         Get advice on fixinga leak while borrowingawrench from the neighbor.

·         Share a secret recipe while lending that baking pan to a girlfriend.

·         Ask aneighbor forhelp while borrowing a ladder to put up holiday decorations …


DixWix’s mission is to create a trusted private platform where people canshare things and build stronger relationships with people in their lives.


Our mission

"There are two dates on every tombstone. There’s a birth date and there is a date of death and every human being is guaranteed those two dates. But that little dash that lies between those two numbers is what defines our lives"

The mission of our company is to helpmake that dash (-) count for everyone by enriching the lives of every human being. Enriching our lives by sharing and building strong meaningfulrelationships with people in our lives.


Core values

·         Invest in people

·         Building strong relationships

·         Being a community leader

·         Communicate Honestly

·         Contribute to the community




Our manifesto

·         We are for a trusted community group.

·         For monthly book club meet with friends.

·         We're for a play date with kids and their friends.

·         We're for a weekend movie night with close friends & family.

·         We're for sharing a recipealong with a kitchen appliance.

·         We are for being social while sharing a bite and a drink.

·         We believe in using technology to enrich the lives of people around us.

·         We're about having a group chat leading to a kitchen counter chat.

·         We believe people come and leave the world without material things.

·         We believe in pursuit of happiness by sharing things within a community.

·         We believe in making the dash (-) count by sharing and building strong relationships.

·         We are DixWix. We are simply you and people you trust together.





Our Story

Dix & Wix were two kids who lived in the same community & went to the same school. Their parents would buy toys for them each month. But after 2-3 weeks of playing they would lose interest till their parents could buy new toys. So they got this simple idea to create a toy catalog to exchange toys each month. Dix & Wix were happy to play with a different toy each month and their parents were happier to save money every alternate month. Soon all their friends from school signed up for their toy catalog service.

Dix & Wix grew up, went to college and ended up working at the same company in the same city.They bought houses in the same neighborhood and thought why we can’t share professional books and household tools the same way we shared toys as kids.

Dix & Wix decided to launch DixWix.com as a fun and easy way to catalog andshare things. They did however agree not to share few things like stories from college with their spouses!!



Our people

We're a team passionate about helping people enrich their lives by sharing things and buildingrelationships. We're based in Apex, North Carolina and expanding to new cities around the world each month.





DixWix makes it safe to share only the kinds of things everyone iscomfortable sharing.

Here's how:

·         Every userregisters with valid credentials.

·         Users set their own profile and group privacy settings.

·         New item category requests reviewed before approval by support team.

·         Website is password protected with default privacy set to registered users only.

·         Option to delete user’s personal content and profiles.

·         We never share your info with advertisers.

To learn more about privacy read our complete Privacy Policy.



DixWix makes it private to share online the kind of things you'd be okay sharing with your friends in person.

Here's how:

·         Every neighbor must verify registration with their email address.

·         Each member signs in with a valid user profile.

·         Users choose where and what content and information is shared.

·         All users have the privilege to report inappropriate content and users.

·         Group Administrators have the privilege to moderate users and content.

·         Dixwixdoesnot share your personal information with third-party advertisers.



To learn more about being a member, see our TOS and Privacy Policy.

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